Before and After Metal Slug SV-001 capsule toy.


the perfect family :’0

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1/100 Gunpla Diorama: Gundam Exia @ Maintenance Hangar (Full LEDs). Photoreview No.11 Big Size Images

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*tips dynasty* m’ulan

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im really happy haha

someone on 4chan made an OP image for the Gunpla/Plamo general on /toy/ using my metal slug tank :]

that’s a real compliment in my book.

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Dude the gamecube sucked

According to one of my old co-workers, the company I worked for isn’t doing well at all. They had their water shut off for not paying the bill lol. An aerospace company.

Ah these huge untagged game of thrones spoilers. Thank you for that.

Legit fell asleep in my chair playing Dragon age. Mage starting quest line is boring as fuck

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Why is everyone sleeping on this season's anime? You all sound like downers. :/


hip hop fights back 2: poe’s law


don’t talk to boys who aren’t nice to their mothers

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