plowed through 13 episodes of Community tonight


macklemore gets arrested…. shacklemore

macklemore is going on a long camping trip… packlemore

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I need more NMH but I can’t get more

25k notes in a day thank god for notification block thank god for xkit guy


The creators of Rick & Morty made a parody of 2 girls 1 cup and made it into a show

Kidz Bop: Linkin Park

I grew up a member of a religious cult (homeschooled/homechurched) with an extremely biased and censored approach to history. I need help starting my real education. Can you recommend a good place to start my real education about the past? : AskHistorians

This is wild. A product of religious child abuse.


(baby starts to speak its first words)

baby: d..d…

me: dad ? :-)

baby: die cis scum

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I think the reason I’m so proud of my Metal Slug model is because it’s something I’ve always wanted. To have a cool miniature nic-nac that I made myself. It’s really satisfying, especially when I feel so great about how the end result turned out.